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Mohadeseh Ahansazan

Graphic Designer and Photographer

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About Company:

The Company will operate as a graphic design and photography company. Both graphic design and photography services contribute to Canada’s creative economy development.

Company Details :

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Owner’s credentials:

Ms. Mohadeseh Ahansazan has extensive experience as a photographer and graphic designer. Her educational background is graphics. Ms. Ahansazan holds an Associate’s degree in computer graphics and a Bachelor’s degree in graphics. She is a lifelong learner and has continuously enriched her knowledge by pursuing several certifications in related domains such as:

• Photography, photography lighting,

• portraiture lighting, advanced portraiture lighting

• advertising photography, advanced advertising photography

• Computer graphics

• Computer basics

• Photoshop

• 3DMAX software

• Makeup & trimming artist

• Accounting principles

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Company Services

The Company will provide various photography services in different categories such as real estate, advertising, product illustration, portrait, etc. On a personal level, photographers are essential for capturing special moments of people and families. At the corporate level, photographers are necessary for providing appropriate images for advertising, sale, annual reports, etc.

The Company will offer various graphic design and photography services to individuals, families, small and medium-sized businesses, and realtors.

graphic design services

• Business card design

• Logo design

• Marketing materials

• Labels & Stickers, Signs & banners

• Digital marketing materials, and Website materials

photography services

• Portrait photography or portraiture

• Advertising photography

• Product photography

• Real Estate photography

The Company will also create synergy between photography and graphic design services to offer more comprehensive products to its clients.

Galleries and exhibitions

Ms. Ahansazan have participated in several solo and group exhibitions around the world, such as :

  • Photo Exhibition, “Iran and its characteristics”, Pingyao, China, 2018.

  • Photo Exhibition, “Iran and its touristic attractions”, Dakar, Senegal, 2018.

  • Photo Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2017.

  • Photo Exhibition, Hyderabad, India, 2014.

  • Photo Exhibition “Another look”, Arasbaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran, 2010.

  • Photo Exhibition “The spring”, Kelke Khial Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009.

  • Second Exhibition of visual art center “posters and logos”, Kelke Khial Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2009.

  • First Exhibition of visual art center, Kelke Khial Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2008

  • Ms. Ahansazan has been awarded for organizing the third photo Exhibition “Flood” in Iran in 2020.

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